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We write our autobiographies by the way we live. Were we to put them to paper in total honesty, what we would not reveal is our real substance and true selves.



"Blame yourself for wrong deeds done; the innocent can be the guilty ones". -The Temptations- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn6f9pclNB4&feature=youtu.be

We are confronted daily with challenges that seem unbearable.  None are more discomforting than those leaving us asking ourselves why me” and “why now”?  The questions that need to be asked are: why not me, and why not now?

It is difficult to accept that we are who we are! Our experiences are not more unique that those of others. How acceptant we are of what might appear as negative experiences, and how soon and effectively we deal with those experiences, is what separates us.

Barring physical death we will bare the circumstance; get through it regardless of the consequences and in so doing will be better prepared for the “next time”. We become stronger, not in a physical sense, but more knowledgeable, more insightful, and wiser as we continue our journeys.

Avid readers have often compared Bob's insights,  written thoughts and phrases to authors and philosophers whose literary works they were either instructed to read or voluntarily read.  He does not consider himself (and neither does some who know him) an avid reader.  His list of priority reading is short but places the Holy Bible at the top followed by Noah Webster's Dictionary.

Being unaware and lacking the voluntary or instructed reading that would have afforded him the opportunity to gain  knowledge of what others had written, his joy comes from knowing that his insights, thoughts, and phrases produces what is to him, original material. 

Any unaccredited thoughts or similarities to individuals living or dead are totally coincidental and with all due respect. 


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