An Anatomy of “Self”:                                


To Quote Bob: "The Science or Biology of life aside; We are who we are, because of how we became who we are, what we remember, what we believe and what we create".

He advocates; "with the first recognizable realization of our names (as infants) we recognized, identified and accepted,  us/ourselves. We owe the early recognition of ourselves to our parents,  families and the community or village, notwithstanding. As bothersome as this might seem, our definition of “self” had begun.  We naturally and instinctively sponged everything from our environment to which we were exposed, and were soon continually learning, adopting, and adapting; not realizing as we matured that everything we had learned, we learned from someone else. Good or bad, right or wrong, or somewhere in between. We stored things learned as memories, believe in many of them, recall them creatively as neccessary; resulting in whom we have become, our perception of "self" and our behaviors. 

Bob theorizes that we recall and replicate memories of stored behaviors,  knowledge and experiences ritualistically, repetitively, and spontaneously regardless of what, where, when, how, why, or from whom we might have learned them.          

"Once learned always stored; leading to the development of our personalities, our actions and our reactions". 

Because Robert's-Bob'isms are viewed by some as esoterically presented, by definition it is understandable that the content (although possible) might not be as apparent or transparent to some as to others. When taken seriously and literally, one can become dogmatic about his or her perception and view of transformational writings. That dogma should be tincture with humor, humility and thankfulness.

As visitors journey through these pages and the links embedded therein, they will find it impossible to leave as the same persons they were when they arrived. More of "self" will be discovered and more memories created. Bob's humble desire is that his effort "is relevant and transparent to the majority of those who visit, that the content will be re-read from time to time, and your awareness of this website  is passed on to others you care about  and those I care about, without (in many cases) having met them".     


S. T. Buckles, CAPT. USN(ret),

"Insightful, yet obvious but thought provoking.  A must for every leader and aspiring leader.  Keep this desk guide next to you every day, as it will provide just the right thought to keep you excelling in life". 

CelloMom2011 SAYS:

“Mr. Campbell's tour de force of contemporary wisdom enticed me to return to re-reading Blaise Pascal's keystone Pensée: "All of man's misfortune comes from one thing, which is one thing, not knowing how to sit quietly in a room, alone".  Mr. Campbell has been thinking deeply, and his ideas are illuminating and inspiring. Keep this book on your shelf and re-read often”.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INFLUENCE, ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT.  "None of this would be possible without you; from where would my memories come?" -Robert H. "Bob" Campbell- 



"Consistency and frequency in our ideologies, communication and actions…over-time…will predictably reveal to others who we really are."

"Know thyself…others do"…


    "Free" (Permission for usage granted).  Click on the image above to find your personality type. Before we can proclaim knowing others we must first know ourselves. It is "fun",   "illuminating and ""Free".  Do it now - you have nothing to lose.       


"Free" (Permission for usage granted).  Click on the image above to find your personality type. Before we can proclaim knowing others we must first know ourselves. It is "fun", "illuminating and ""Free".  Do it now - you have nothing to lose.       

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For some of us the video below could portray what life feels like sometimes. What a story this young man tells through dance? This is truly what many feel we are all about. We absorb the ups and downs and they can become a heavy load at times. We are perceived as Wacky to some, Weird to others; an Artist to some and Genius to others and we attempt to let it all roll-off. We are what we believe, remember, and create.