Date:   MAY 03, 2015

Location: J.J,'s Deli @ Herndon Centennial Golf Course

               909 Ferndale Avenue        

               Herndon, VA 20171

Time       6:30PM - 8:30PM





One of Bob's greatest joys comes from speaking to adolescents and late teens who are clear minded and need to hear someone address them without forcefully taking away their reasoning and decision making processes and forced to accept the too often refrain, "because I  say so" or "because I told you so". There are better responses that can encourage better reasoning and decision making.

He find joy in speaking to the elderly who are clear minded but struggles when it comes to confronting the manyunforeseen realities of life as they age; who need to hear more than "you're just getting old", and have respectfully, grown tired of listening to pacifying rhetoric.  

Bob also enjoy speaking to clear minded and career oriented young adults in the work-place. Many whom are facing the realization that their chances of becoming as successful as they have been encouraged to believe and dream, must many times be tempered with an understanding that few things, if anything, is accomplished overnight.  Although they know much there is still lots to learn. They need to know that they can be gainfully employed for years because of their skills and fired in short order because of their behavior. They should be less willing to "fall for" and become one of those who allows the day of the week to influence their productivity. They need to know that they "Can't change Monday or Wednesday to Sunday but can change their behaviors and  attitudes".         

 It would bring about a needed paradigm change when those who manage others, incorporate Robert’s – Bobs’isms 2006 and future releases, into their personal arsenal of useful training materials. Material that will place less emphasis on getting more of the company into the man, and more emphasis on getting more of the man into the man. Once this feat is accomplished, the employees will become more able to manage themselves freely, respectfully, and responsibly while managers realize the benefit of a more productive team of employees.


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