Our Story

In order to avoid prolonged delay and the risk of his observations and discoveries never shared with those he wanted to reach, Bob developed the format as he had envisioned and self-published Robert’s – Bob’isms beginning in 2006. The original version is show in these photos. The Coil Binding and Easelback  format  functionality used was his vision. To his regret he found the format  "customized" rather than "standard" formatting in the  world of publishing. Every effort was made to produce a book that with a couple of flips of the back cover could be self-supported on a table or desktop without the need for a stand,  as seen in the comparative pictures below. (Today, computers are on desktops using the method everywhere but Easel-back computers were not available in 2006.  Robert's-Bob'isms in its original Easel-Back format is once again available, as well as a very useful Participants Personal Guide. Both can be purchased from the "Promotion Page" found on this site).  


NONSENSE IS READILY AVAILABLE; TRUTH IS HARDER TO FINDis the first in a series of three books copyrighted beginning in 2006.  It contains 53 original quotations (Bob'isms) which clearly expands thoughts on relationships, religion, faith, fate, education, lifestyles, the workplace, the environment, our inner-selves, and issues of death and dying, to name a few.  They challenges as well as validate some commonly held beliefs and disbelief's while making allowance for discussion in narrower or broader details, to the extent that additional books, thesis's, or even sermons, for those so inclined, can be produced.   

As Humans we draw conclusions. It is our nature and  mission to create, dissect, explain and define things. We have "free will". We draw conclusions and when conclusions are drawn, some will find that there are no fewer than three, rather than only two ways of looking at all things; in particular, our views as they relate to life experiences and interpersonal relationships. Our logical minds are usually limited by views as seen through a prism of absolute opposites. We most commonly base our conclusions and thoughts on what  we consider  right or wrong or good or bad.  Up or down, sleep or awake, hot or cold, dry or wet, alive or dead, happy or sad, right or left, etc., are a few more examples of basic absolute opposites and are consistent regardless of the language employed.  Few elevate to a level where it becomes clear that there is no less than a third way of looking at  things. A third way that is "definitive" but rarely realized or utilized until after we have acted. That third way requires a higher level of awareness or consciousness and is more thoroughly defined by Saint Titus in his "Book of Truth". Following the link below to view.