Many who have engaged him, call themselves “F.O.B’s” (Friends of Bob).  Like many of us many Man hours have gone into the making of Bob.  He accepts that he is, He accepts who he is, He accepts what he is, He accepts what he shall become, and He accept us. Bob is a compassionate, discerning listener, a transformational writer and speaker.

"None-the-less, none-the-more and as difficult as it may sometime seem, we must Accept and Love Ourselves and all Mankind."     

Bob's hope is that you have uncovered something within the confines of these pages that will encourage you to return from time to time, and always uncover something supporting the belief that no matter what confronts us, the causes and solutions can most often be found within us. This could be difficult to accept, but if honest and upon critical ponder and review, the following statement will be determined an acceptable truth "The Basis For Our Experiences Can Be Found Within Us". Robert's - Bob' isms 2008.    

For an emotional lift when emotionally strained, follow the link below...sit back, relax and enjoy the harmony of mind, soul, spirit and body, of a truly gifted Human Being.  


Bob thanks you for your well-wishes, referrals and  for the gift you gave. His strength is echoed "As long as we are capable of making our own decisions, it is never to early or to late to make a difference in our own lives or in the lives of others. We can all do more".  


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This interactive website is dedicated to revealing some personal observations and provoking discussions on some commonly held beliefs and disbelief's.   Its purpose is to provide a portal through which individuals can personally engage in direct discussion with the Author using a direct email format (NOT A BLOG). Very often what we need is another point of view. We often limit our scope of possible resolution because we have not experienced the situation, and cannot step away from the limited and structured knowledge we possess. We become fixated and further limited because we rely on "experts" to provide us with options considered to be sound but most likely to costly to obtain. What cannot be purchased is wisdom which is only attainable by (1) being the first to raise the question and (2) by providing the most definitive answer to that question. No harm will come from paying your knowledge of this website forward or paying the purchase of a copy of Robert's - Bos'isms forward for yourself or to be gifted to someone you know.        

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